Carolina Skate

Sustainability and PC Update!

This past Wednesday Carolina Skate had a table at the Sustainability fair promoting alternative forms of transportation. We’re featured in the Daily Gamecock along with the rest of the groups at the fair encouraging all sorts of things like political involvement and biodiesel development. Read the article here.
Some pictures from the day:

Sustainability Fair Table

Sustainability Fair Groups

Carolina Skate @ Sustainability Fair

Carolina Skate @ Sustainability Fair

Also, we’ve had a couple more additions for sponsors on the flier – check it out, you’ll be seeing their product at the event and you’ll have a chance on winning it!!


We also hosted an actual pumpkin carve this week, check out some of the photos from then:


Actual Pumpkin Carve

Actual Pumpkin Carve

Actual Pumpkin Carve


Hippie Jump

Hippie Jump

Lastly, great turn out Tuesday night for the skate.
We had something like 40 people there bombing garages and skating around the city.
We hope to see more of that!



The Pumpkin Carve II

Another update!
We’ve got more people on board and new things added to the Pumpkin Carve.

There will now be an after party at Salty’s Skate/surf shop in Five Points!!

Here’s the new poster with the updated information:

And we’ve got up two promo videos for the event, help us plaster them all over the internet!

Then get outside and skate, the weather is finally beautiful.


Hey guys, wanted to throw up a new post with some pictures of the past week or so.
We’ve had some GREAT turn outs at our Friday skates and lots of new people coming
to learn. If you haven’t been able to come out, please do – it’s been a blast!


Here’s the club out on a day skate – we’re thinking about renaming Carolina Skate
to the USC Dervish Club… let’s get some new boards!

Anna and Casey manualing

Casey sliding

Surf Race!

Anna + New Rider

We had a little skating day camp for about 45 minutes to an hour just teaching
people who were interested and giving them a shot without having to purchase
a board. We got a lot of positive feedback and hopefully some future skaters!

Patrick + New Rider



We’ve also got another version of the promo video to be thrown up on the Vimeo
and Youtube accounts – I’ll be updating once that is on it’s way.

Also keep your eyes out for our posters for the
“Pumpkin Carve” – our Halloween Skate.
Those will be approved and up shortly around campus and via the web.

Skate on (once this nasty weather clears!)